Chassis Bush removal puller

I’ve just replaced the front passenger side spring chassis bush ready for the MOT test tomorrow. These bushes are notoriously difficult to remove , I’ve heard many stories of people setting fire to them and then hacksawing the outer sleeve for hours to try and get them out.

I’ve found replacing these to be a straight forward job with the right tool. I’ve made a puller pusher by cutting up a scissor jack and using the coarse threaded bar and the ends of the jack. A tube with a 40mm internal diameter that is just a bit longer that then bush is also required to draw the bush into. The diameter of this tube is important as the kinetic force should be applied to the tube the bush is sitting in rather than the chassis rails.

Make sure a decent quality scissor jack is used with steel ends as I’ve seen some with plastic ends. It’s also an idea to lube the coarse thread with engine oil.

Chassis Puller Tool

I simply used the new bush to push the old one out. A 22mm socket fits over the steel eye allowing a ratchet to be used.

The worn bush pictured below was last changed 18 years ago!

Chassis bush

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