Series Gearbox PTO

Here are some images of a Power Take Off (PTO) taken from a Series IIA gearbox that I’ve just sold. PTO’s are used to power winches, hydraulic pumps, useful tools like log splitters and table saws etc. This unit takes power from the rear of the gearbox and can supply power to the rear of the vehicle via a separate propshaft (if you have ever wondered what the holes are for in the chassis cross members then they are for the PTO shaft). There are also units to supply power to the front of the truck too for winches etc.

It’s a very simple job to install a PTO, simply remove the PTO cover ( also known as Rear Bearing Housing – 533731) on the back of the gearbox, slip the PTO sleeve over the rear gear, remove the PTO inspection plate and bolt on the selector unit in its place, making sure the forks slide into the groove on the sleeve. Slide the the PTO into the sleeve and bolt the unit up using a new PTO gasket.