Removing a Steering Wheel

Had five minutes spare today so decided to swap the steering wheel on the 109 – it’s had a 15″ Mountney steering wheel ever since I bought the Land Rover but I’ve found the steering can be a little heavy due to the smaller wheel diameter. I bought replacement standard wheel on eBay ages ago but haven’t got round to swapping them until now.

Series 3 Land Rover Mountney Steering Wheel

Simple job to do, I prised the centre boss out of the steering wheel which reveals the large nut and locking washer. In my case the locking washer wasn’t locking anything and the nut was finger tight! A 1-1/16 socket fits the nut perfectly.

Land Rover Series 3 Steering Wheel nut and locking washer

You may find the steering wheel is still stuck to the column after removing the nut, I had to use a puller to get it off. If you try pulling it off with your hands, leave the nut on a few threads so it doesn’t hit you in the face when it pops off!!

Using a puller to remove the steering wheelTop of steering column with wheel removed

Here’s the new/old standard series wheel fitted. I think this is the wrong wheel for my vehicle year (1982) but it looks fine all the same.

Land rover series 3 Steering Wheel

Just need to buy a new locking washer as the old one was in poor condition. After going for a test drive I wish I’d swapped wheels years ago, the steering is much lighter now. the Mountney steering wheels are probably fine for an 88 but I think the 109s need the wider wheel.