Door bottom repairs

The skins had split at the bottom of my doors where the aluminium and corroded against the steel door frame. The bottom of the frames appeared to be quite corroded too so I decided to remove the skins, repair the door frames and replace the skins with some better ones that I have on some spare doors with rotten frames.

Firstly I prised off the old skin using a screwdriver to lift up the lip of the skin. The rot was worse than expected on the bottom rail so I replaced it with a repair section bought off ebay. The rest of the frame was ok, needing only a couple of minor welding repairs. I cleaned up the rest of the frame with a wire brush in an angle grinder and gave it a coat of red oxide primer.

Door bottom frame

Door Bottom frame repairs Door Bottom frame repairsDoor bottom in primer

repaired door bottom repaired door bottom

New door skin

The other door bottom had similar corrosion to the bottom rail but only the flat section was corroded, the U channel was ok, so I drilled out the spot welds and replaced that section with galvanised steel and spot welded it on.

*If you weld with galvanised steel, unless you are using professional breathing apparatus, always grind off the galv in the area you are welding as welding zinc creates a poisonous gas that is very dangerous to your health if you breath it in*

Below is the finished door, needs another coat of paint.

Front radiator panel repairs

I’ve just had a large amount of parts shot blasted including three front panels that I am going to get galvanised. All three panels have the usual rot on the bottom section of the panel and I’m repairing this by cutting out the damaged area and welding in some 30mm x 3mm angle iron that I’ve got kicking about. All three panels have come back in great shape after blasting, I didn’t take any pictures of the panels prior to blasting but believe me they were rough!! Apart from the bottom sections that obviously need repair, the rest of the panel is as good as new. The first two panels just required a section cutting out and replacing with a length of angle, the third has a bit more rot then the other two and will require more fabrication.



Shot Blasted Front panel

Welding front panel

Welding front panel

Repaired front panel

And the finished galvanised article:

Galvanised front panel