New bulkhead vent seals

Today I’ve replaced the vent seals and also freed up the mechanism that opens and shuts the flaps, they were both partially siezed and not opening properly. The below pic shows the flap as far as it would open before I had a look at the mechanism(!):

Bulkhead vent flap

I managed to force it open a little wider so I get to the two small bolts that secure the flap to the opening mechanism and removed the flap. Below with the old seal:

Vent flap seal

I removed the opening mechanism by undoing the two screws that hold the lever to the dash and pulled out the mechanism which was seized solid. I managed to loosen it up with some WD40. To work properly all three pivots should be moving easily.

Vent opening mechanism

I removed the old seal and cleaned up the vent surround for the new seal. I have used seals made by Allmakes (MUC4299) which are far superior to other pattern seals. I’ve also got a set of Allmakes one piece door seals to go on at some point. I used a bead of clear silicone to secure the seal in place and closed the flap and left it to cure.

As you can see in the pic below, the flaps are now opening and shutting fully with ease. The seals are a good fit and water tight. When the silicone has fully cured I’ll remove the flaps again to clean up and paint them.

 opening bulkhead vent flap