Brake Adjusters RTC3176

If you’ve been struggling to get hold of some decent brake adjusters for your Series then you are not alone. The modern pattern ones made by Britpart, Bearmach etc may as well be made of cheese. However a set of genuine adjusters will set you back silly money and they are not as well made as they used to be.
When looking for a decent set of adjusters, remember that the same ones were common with many other 60s and 70s vehicles that used Girling back plates. I’ve managed to get hold of a batch of 1970s/80s new old stock pattern adjusters made by Moprod (remember them?), Moprod are now part of Quinton Hazell.
These fit a Series Landy fine and a far better than modern pattern parts.
I’ve got a limited amount of these that I am selling for £15 inc P&P within the UK, if you want one then let me know via the contact button above.