Series Land Rover Gearbox Rebuild parts list

For reference, here’s a list of all the bearings, seals, o-rings, bushes, gaskets, springs washers ie. everything you need to rebuild a Series Gearbox apart from the actual gears. A couple of years ago I priced it all up to just over £300 inc vat for all genuine parts – they’ll probably cost a bit more now.

1645           Rear Main shaft Bearing   (x1)
2422           Split pin for 4WD clevis fork  (x2)
PS608101  Split Pin for Output castle nut (x2)
5852           Selector ball spring rubber sealing ring (x2)
RTC1956   3/4 Syncro Detent Spring  (x3)
6397           Needle Roller Bearing (x1)
6405           Peg Main shaft Spacer (x1)
55714         Bearing Primary Pinion (x1)
211502       Speedo Drive Oil Seal (x1)
217325       Output Shaft Bearing (x1)
217476       Main shaft lock washer (x1)
217478       Rear main shaft bearing (x1)
217490       Front of transfer output shaft bearing (x1)
231116        Reverse stop gate spring (x2)
236305       Main shaft oil seal (x1)
FRC1780   Output shaft oil seal (x2)
243714       Clip for transfer lever
267828       O-ring for speedometer pinion and inter shaft  (x2)
272596       O-ring for forward selector shafts (x2)
272597       O-ring for reverse gear selector shaft  (x1)
528683       Front layshaft bearing retainer lock tab (x1)
528701       Front layshaft bearing (x1)
532323       O-ring for intermediate shaft (x1)
571059       Clutch sleeve housing oil seal (x1)
599869       Transfer box intermediate gear needle roller bearing (x2)
600603       Full gasket set  (x1)
622042       Output shaft felt seal
90217512   Output shaft rear bearing (x1) genuine part no longer available
FRC4076   Main shaft 2nd Speed gear bush (x1)
FRC4077   Main shaft 3rd speed gear bronze bush (x1)
RTC1412   Rear layshaft bearing (x1)
RTC1979   Peg for 2nd gear thrust washer (x1)

I’m pretty certain that’s a definitive list but feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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