Military style under seat tool tray

It’s been a while since I’ve updated due to being very busy with work and another new baby. I’ve done some more front panel refurbs and I’ve also made some under seat tool trays that go in the cavity under the centre seat as usually found in ex MOD Land Rovers. I’ve had the front panels and the tool trays hot dipped galvanised to protect from rust.

Here are some pictures one of the front panels which was in a very poor state, much of the bottom section was completely missing after shot blasting. The last image is of the panel fully repaired and galvanised. This panel is a late 2A panel that has the ‘Maltese Cross’ grille – it looks like a Series 3 panel but on closer inspection it has two large round holes at the top where the badge screws in and secures the top of the grille. It also has the two lower grille brackets hold the bottom of the grille.

Series Land Rover Front Panel

Series Land Rover Front Panel

Series Land Rover Galvanised Front Panel

Here are the tool trays that I have also made and had galvanised as used by the military and are helpful for storing tools etc. The bottom of these trays are open to the elements and tend to rust out quite quickly unless well protected, galvanising these trays will make them last a very long time.

Series Land Rover Under Seat Tool TraySeries Land Rover Under Seat Tool TraySeries Land Rover Under Seat Tool Tray

The trays are for sale at £35 + £6 postage each (within UK), if you would like to purchase one then send me your details through my contact section and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

Also if you have a front panel that you would like to repair rather than scrap and buy a new one then I can repair it for you, price dependent on how much work is required. Again, contact me through the site and I’ll get back to you.

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